En hyldest på falderebet til Werner Herzog

…Holding a large frozen turkey from the store and the shotgun, Bruno returns to the garage where he works, loads the tow truck with beer, and drives along a highway into the mountains. Upon entering a small town the truck is breaking down and he pulls over to a restaurant, where he tells his story to a German-speaking businessman. He then starts the truck, leaves it circling in the parking lot with a fire taking hold in the engine compartment and goes into a tourist trap across the street, where he starts a ski-lift and rides it with his frozen turkey. After Bruno disappears from view a single shot rings out, presumably his suicide. The police arrive at the scene to find the truck is now fully ablaze. The film ends with a sequence to the harmonica music of Sonny Terry, which shows a chicken dancing, a duck playing a bass drum and a rabbit riding a toy fire truck, in coin operated attractions that Bruno activated on his way to the ski-lift.

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